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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to get google gadgets to get gadget metadata

So it seems that now google gadgets for linux has been announced a lot of people want to try it. Seems most of them are retarded too and can't get it working. Because I have nothing against retarded people I'm going to list what I've found out:
- The error "Failed to update gadget metadata" can mean a couple of things.
- Curl needs to use openssl for cryptography to work with ggl.
- On gentoo you seem to need recent ca-certificates. In my case, upgrading from amd64 to ~amd64 worked.
- a simple `curl` can show you why ggl can't fetch metadata.

I hope someone reads this and thinks it's useful, please leave a comment if so.

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Skatox said...

thanks bro, you've helped me to solve the problem.