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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

gaim_awn, gaim_awn and birthday

I updated gaim_awn twice... revision 12 contains a Makefile that uses pkg-config to get include directories and fixes issue #1, that loading the plugin wouldn't always detect the right status. Revision 13 fixes a bug in this code where the icon wouldn't get updated if you would start offline and load the plugin.

While fixing these bugs I also noticed there's a bug in the gaim docklet, it doesn't connect to the account-connecting signal, and thus should never receive that an account started connecting at gaim startup. Due to the fact that it takes some time for the gaim docklet to get embedded into the panel and the fact that it polls then, it does show connecting status. Howeever, my plugin tried to poll status earlier, which doesn't work because the account subsystem gets loaded after the plugin subsystem, so I needed to connect to the account-connecting signal.

Last thing to mention today is that it's my birthday, I'm 21 now, so now I'm allowed to play with the sticky key sound in windows (press shift five times, hit enter, press ctrl twice, press alt twice, repeat last two steps until you get bored, then hit shift a couple of times). Also I'm now old enough to set text size for active title bar to 2000 so the active window will vanish of the screen... This also seems to cause display corruption in the titlebar... Thank god I'm a windows ABuser...

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Neil J. Patel said...

Happy Birthday! btw have you seen the new menus code? I still need to add some features, but it should work well for you plugin!