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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Linksys E4200 as an access point

At work we bought two Linksys E4200's to extend our wireless network. We wanted to use them as access points / wireless gateways instead of their normal router configuration. Googling turns up a few half-documented solutions, which might even work in case you've got a small home network set up, but I still couldn't get it to work. So I took one of the routers home, and this is what I've come up with (tested at home only right now):
  1. Start the router
  2. Connect a cable between your computer and one of the E4200 LAN ports
  3. Turn on remote management on the E4200
  4. Verify that the E4200 doesn't have a local address that belongs in your network's subnet (change it otherwise)
  5. Connect a cable between the E4200 WAN port and your network
  6. Connect a cable between your computer and network
  7. Turn off the DHCP server on the E4200
  8. Connect a cable between your network and one of the E4200 LAN ports
  9. Connect a cable between the E4200 WAN port and one of the E4200 LAN ports

Now you can wirelessly connect to your network using the E4200 and you can still access the E4200 admin interface as well!

Of course this all won't be necessary when DD-WRT or other alternative firmware releases are available for the E4200, but right now this probably is the best solution.


Michael Croes said...

Actually if you want to skip most of these steps it's fine as well. Just connecting once and setting it all up correctly will do, order of setting up might matter here though.

hetzel4 said...

I've got 5 other e4200's that i've configured per your instructions. They work great! We needed to add another so I've configured it the same as all the rest. When I plug it into my network via one of the LAN ports, I'm unable to ping it via the IP address that I've assigned to it. I end up having to do a factory reset and start all over only to have it not work again. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I dont get this, if my existing ADSL router is with DHCP turned on. then what subnet should I put the E4200 on? I want to use all the network ports on the e4200 as well as the 4 ports on my existing adsl router for my 8 PCs in my wired home network... any help on this?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the Cisco e4200 router has a "bridge mode" in the latest v1.0.0.3 firmware. one click, and its done.

Michael Croes said...

Does the bridge mode still allow use of the guest access feature? I actually use that as well...

Anonymous said...

Yes, bridge mode just bridges by getting a dhcp from your adsl router and sets a gateway ip and subnet mask. All devices on the wifi and network ports get their ip addreses from the original adsl router. Full set of wireless features are still availbe i just checked mine.

Anonymous said...

It took me all of 5 minutes to setup as a wifi access point on my existing network. Just read the section on the cisco website its where i got the idea from. And i didnt see the bridge option until i upgraded the firmware.