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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How not to fix an issue in an ebuild

As seen on Comment #2 From Christian Hoffmann 2008-06-08 13:59:44:
cherokee ships a patched version of lighty's spawn-fcgi. We could try to make
spawn-fcgi an independent package again and patch in the additional features of
cherokee based on a USE flag. Or we could introduce a "spawn-fcgi" USE flag for
both lighty and cherokee and die in the ebuild if the other web server was
installed with USE=spawn-fcgi as well. Any ideas?

Yes dude, you totally understood it. I bet mister Hoffman likes to tell portage (or whatever package manager he uses) to continue after every second ebuild because there's a check halfway in the ebuild instead of a real solution...

What if the check fails? Well, then package install fails of course. And what then? Well if you were just rebuilding world then you can fix the issue and start over again, or continue and know that you still have to fix it...

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